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Salvia Plath

The Bardo Story

Weird World


Released: 15th Jul 2013



Released: 15th Jul 2013


a hugely inventive, immersive record that takes in lovely pastoral folk, sunny, harmony-drenched '60s pop & much darker, subtly demented psychedelia.

The new project from baltimore-based multimedia artist michael collins, formerly known as run dmt, in a way recalls a twisted modern take on ‘magical mystery tour’ era beatles. collins & a handful of musicians craft folky, freaky sounds that blend acoustic guitars, wobbly drum kits, various keyboards, flutes & some jangly electric guitars into a mix that makes up in suitably trippy & interesting sounds what it might lack in fidelity. there may be a bunch of bands traveling the same psychedelic back roads as salvia plath, but collins & company ride with style. recommended for fans of smith westerns, mac de marco, tame impala & girls.

The Bardo Story


  1. Intro
  2. Salvia Plath
  3. Interlude
  4. House Of Leaves
  5. Stranded
  6. Bardo States
  7. This American Life
  8. Phased
  9. Pondering
  10. Hidden Track
  11. Last Night At The Theatre
  12. Further Outro