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Released: 24th Jul 2013



Released: 24th Jul 2013


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her citric synths, brash tone clashes & cluttered video game-inspired genre mangles glisten & sparkle upon a backdrop of freestyle house & ‘80s electro pop.

‘beach mode (keep it simple)’ is the album's 1st track proper, featuring the vocals of jessy lanza over a laid back, summery house beat, her joyous lyrics setting the tone for the rest of the album. the sound takes flight later on with the positively soaring melodies of ‘eternal mode’, roaring out over chiming italo-disco style arpeggios. ‘manchego’ breaks out into playful stop-start jacking house with a fat bass line while ‘mega church’s mood is reflected in its title; playing out on huge, reverbed claps & an ocean of rippling organ. “80s retro-futurism, chiptune, dayglo synth washes & uptempo garage rhythms” 4/5 – the skinny.



  1. Mise En Place
  2. Beach Mode (Keep It Simple)
  3. Mr Cake
  4. Practice Beats
  5. Eternal Mode
  6. Completion V.3
  7. Manchego
  8. Let A Smile Be (Y)our Umbrella
  9. Lights Are Forever
  10. Mega Church
  11. Cryo
  12. Backhand Winners
  13. You Won’t Find It There
  14. Zen Sizzle