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The Birthday Party

Live 81-82



Released: 29th Jul 2013


the awe inspiring live sound of the birthday party threatens at all points to leap from the speakers & throttle innocent bystanders.

stitches together tracks from a london date in 1981 & a german show in 1982 (plus a ringer cut from athens - a version of the stooges’ ‘funhouse’). given the sometimes (though intentionally) unclear or unexpected mixing of party songs in studio, hearing everything via in-your-face stun methods brings out the abilities of the band all the more, especially pew & his vicious bass work. songs like ‘the dim locator’ & ‘king ink’ cut closer to the bone as a result. ‘nick the stripper’, amazingly, is even more viciously sleazy than the original, while ‘the friend catcher’ seethes with a creepy, frigid energy.

Live 81-82


  1. Junkyard
  2. A Dead Song
  3. The Dim Locator
  4. Zoo-Music-Girl
  5. Nick The Stripper
  6. Blast Off!
  7. Release The Bats
  8. Bully Bones
  9. King Ink
  10. (Sometimes) Pleasure Heads Must Burn
  11. Big-Jesus-Trash-Can
  12. Dead Joe
  13. The Friend Catcher
  14. 6” Gold Blade
  15. Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow)
  16. She’s Hit
  17. Funhouse