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The Strypes


virgin emi

standard cd

Released: 9th Sep 2013


deluxe cd

Released: 9th Sep 2013



Released: 9th Sep 2013


an electrifying collage of The band's own material & some of the much-loved throwback covers that pepper their live sets, they draw inspiration from the blues rock of the Rolling Stones & the pub rock style of Dr Feelgood.

Hailing from Cavan, Ireland, the youthful four-piece have created a powerful album full of grit, gusto & superb musicianship with plenty of catchy songs along the way. it would be easy to dismiss these guys as "pastiche" or "playing" at what they do but if you've ever been lucky enough to catch one of their astonishingly explosive live shows, you'll know these guys are the real deal & that they have enough strut & swagger to carry off this sound as very much their own.




  1. Mystery Man      
  2. Blue Collar Jane (Album Version)  
  3. What The People Don't See (Album Version)
  4. She's So Fine      
  5. I Can Tell (Album Version)
  6. Angel Eyes      
  7. Perfect Storm      
  8. You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover (Album Version)
  9. What A Shame      
  10. Hometown Girls (Album Version)
  11. Heart Of The City      
  12. Rollin' And Tumblin'

deluxe cd only

  1. Rollin' And Tumblin'
  2. Beautiful Delilah
  3. C C Rider (Live At King Tuts, Glasgow/2013)
  4. I Can Tell (Live At King Tuts, Glasgow/2013)