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Forest Swords


tri angle


Released: 26th Aug 2013


2LP + download

Released: 26th Aug 2013


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heavy & triumphant, euphoric & yet touched by a distinct world-weariness - ‘Engravings’ is an expansive & truly original fusion of rattling dub rhythms, chiming guitar, blunted hip hop beats & vocals that sound as if they’re emanating from decades old gospel recordings.

As a lifelong resident of the windswept, bleakly beautiful Wirral Peninsula in the north of England, Matt Barnes’ surroundings have always tended to be his biggest inspiration & that love affair continues to flourish on ‘Engravings’, with the quiet beatsmith even opting to mix the entire record on the beaches of this battered coastline on his laptop. there aren't many records that get a unanimous 9/9 resident thumbs up, but this is certainly one of them! "intoxicating amalgam of desolate dub textures, R&B-influenced rhythms, grainy production, & Ennio Morricone-esque guitar work! - xlr8r.

sophie recommends : "a hypnotic trance of dub, dance & otherworldly melody; it’s abstract & unusual yet totally accessible and absolutely enthralling"



  1. Ljoss
  2. Thor’s Stone
  3. Irby Tremor
  4. Onward
  5. The Weight Of Gold
  6. An Hour
  7. Anneka’s Battle
  8. Gathering
  9. The Plumes
  10. Friend, You Will Never Learn