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We knew these Swedish sisters were special from the moment we heard 2009’s ‘Drunken Trees’ EP & it’s been awesome to hear how they&r...

who by fire

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The soderberg sisters’ full concert paying tribute to the invincible songbook of leonard cohen is just about the most beautiful cocktails of musical talen...
First Aid Kit

The Big Black And The Blue

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the Swedish folk duos’ fourth studio album retains their signature brand of exquisite, lilting harmonies and unforgettable, quivering melodies, whilst its...

stay gold

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Swedish sisters Klara & Johanna Söderberg have honed their musical skills & blossomed as vivid storytellers in creating an ambitious 10-song collec...

The Lion's Roar

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a bewitching & jaw-dropping album of arresting melodies inhabited with a huge, wise spirit - the most beautiful swedish americana album you’ll ever he...
Drunken Trees EP
  1. Little Moon
  2. You’re Not Coming Home Tonight
  3. Tangerine
  4. Jagadamba, You Might
  5. Our Own Pretty Ways
  6. Pervigilo
  7. Cross Oceans
  8. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song


Drunken Trees EP

Wichita Recordings
  • limited white lp + cd

    Released: 2nd Sep 2013


Out of print on vinyl for a number of years since its 2008 release on The Knife’s Rabid Records and subsequent release outside Sweden on Wichita Recordings in 2009, the very first First Aid Kit release is now available on vinyl again.

the gorgeous debut from the swedish duo, comprised of sisters johanna & klara söderberg (born 1990 & 1993, respectively), hailing from enskede, a suburb south of stockholm. this ep was 1st released in sweden on the knife’s label, rabid records. now it is being re-released by wichita recordings with a bonus track - the sensational & much you-tubed cover of fleet foxes’ ‘tiger mountain peasant song’. yes, they are very young, but the music they create speaks of bygone times & old souls. the emphasis is on narrative lyrics accompanying playful melodies with intense, dense harmonies. their sound is incredibly accomplished, irrespective of their youthfulness & although their music may not draw from the same sources as the likes of alela diane, the output is certainly in a similar vein & is incredibly affecting. a brilliant introduction to a duo that we hope have much more to offer. highly recommended. “blessed with the voices of plaid-clad angels” – the guardian, “beautiful, appalachian country meets 50’s pop” - the fly.