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Sleigh Bells

bitter rivals

Lucky Number

cd + bonus disc

Released: 7th Oct 2013


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clear lp + bonus disc

Released: 9th Oct 2013


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creating an ever more relevant & excitingly badass form of noise-pop music, the explosive New York-based duo of Alexis Krauss & derek Miller  are back with their 3rd album & it might just possibly be their best yet.

expanding their unique, distorted thrashy, pop sound, they are as urgent as ever & still make you wanna dance yer socks off & get seriously sweaty. "sampled cow-moos meet slick electronic works a treat. 'minnie' features krauss' sweet coo over volcanic beats trying to keep up with the squalling guitar, while the head-pounding 'sing like a wire' sounds like a steroid-pumped game show theme tune" 4/5 - the fly.


bitter rivals


  1. Bitter Rivals
  2. Sugarcane
  3. Minnie
  4. Sing Like A Wire
  5. Young Legends
  6. Tiger Kit
  7. You Don’t Get Me Twice
  8. To Hell With You
  9. 24
  10. Love Sick