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william basinski

the disintegration loops

temporary residence ltd

5cd + dvd

Released: 13th Nov 2013


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for a collection of music built around the poignant inevitability of decay, there has been a great many hopeful & inspired words devoted to this groundbreaking album : stunning, ethereal, majestic, transfixing, life-affirming.

To mark the 10-year anniversary of its original release, This massive limited-edition box set contains all 4 historic volumes, plus a pair of stunning, previously unreleased live orchestral performances, all Remastered from the original recordings + the extremely rare 63-minute 'The Disintegration Loops' film on DVD. for fans of gas, the caretaker or steve reich. “so hypnotic that it was immediately understood as a classic of ambient music… the beauty of the music is not easy to explain...the moods & textures of these pieces are all different but they become more powerful in relation to one another” 10/10 - pitchfork.


the disintegration loops


  1. dlp 1.1 (63:36)
  2. (10:50)
  3. dlp 2.2 (32:40)
  4. dlp 3 (41:51)
  5. dlp 4 (20:11)
  6. dlp 5 (52:21)
  7. dlp 6 (40:37)
  8. dlp 1.2 (21:44)
  9. dlp 1.3 (11:58)
  10. dlp 1.1 Live at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, September 11, 2011 (42:34)
  11. dlp 1.1 Live at The 54th Venice Music Biennale, October 18, 2008 (15:16)
  12. the disintegration loops film (dvd)