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drone logic



Released: 7th Oct 2013


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2LP + download

Released: 21st Oct 2013


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avery draws influence from beyond the dancefloor via my bloody valentine, neu! & chris carter while still having the techno pulse to scale the walls of any club.

the producer uses ‘drone logic’ to establish a more atmospheric strand of dance music, with a similar blend of ambient melody & electronic rhythms as utilised by jon hopkins. opener ‘water jump’ immerses you in this sound world immediately, its layers of vocal ambience peeling away to reveal a steady beat & smooth acid bass as gaseous melodies build to a deep crescendo. the title track filters a 303 bass riff around a noise-swathed, modern take on the ‘80s chicago club sound. ‘all i need’s disembodied vocals float around a darker, minimal techno beat while ‘simulrec’ rolls to a mellower house groove, its warming melody creating a distinct ‘4am on a summer night’ vibe. the krautrock influence really comes through on ‘new energy [live through it]’, where utopian synths & lo-fi beats meet in a retro-flavoured dreamscape.

drone logic


  1. Water Jump (Album Version)
  2. Free Floating
  3. Drone Logic
  4. These Nights Never End
  5. Naive Response
  6. Platform Zero
  7. Need Electric (Album Version)
  8. All I Need
  9. Spring 27
  10. Simulrec
  11. New Energy (Live Through It)
  12. Knowing We'll Be Here