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matthew e. white

Outer Face



Released: 21st Oct 2013


Guided by restraint and indulgence, Matthew E White expanded the process that created ‘Big Inner’ and began to find its first descendant, ‘Outer Face’, that White describes as “a monument to love, to non-love, to the confusion of feelings, to the last half century of recorded music, to dub, to minimalism, to pure orchestration, to the human voice, to birds in the sky, to home.

” It’s ‘Big Inner’ stripped down to the basics - percussion, bass, strings, choir - exploring tape manipulation, a bit of editing à la Teo Macero, and dub-inspired effects.

Outer Face


  1. Eyes Like The Rest
  2. Signature Move
  3. Human Style
  4. In The Valley
  5. Hot Hot Hot