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cross record

be good

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Released: 9th Oct 2013


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This enterprising 25-year-old captivates with a fabric of textures & melodies, enchanting vocals & tape distortions, silence & multi-layered instrumentation, melody & discord.

Strings, clarinet, flute, steel drum, bells & other instrumentation support Emily Cross’s enchanting vocals while allowing for dramatic silences to build like black holes.  Her lyrics conjure a long-lasting dark beauty that weave in with her music to create entrancing sonic landscapes. While the swells of ambient melody create a shaky, accumulative tonality reminiscent of julianna barwick, the structures of cross records’ compositions veer towards the amalgamation of song & sound on Julia holter’s ‘tragedy’. There is also something of grouper & tiny vipers’ astounding mirrorring collaboration in the complex, sinuous texture of the compositions. Devastating & spell bindingly beautiful.

be good


  1. Watching Something Nice
  2. Little Orange
  3. Cups in the Sink
  4. Maybe I?m Crazy
  5. Dirt Nap
  6. Skins of Fishes
  7. Hungry, Thirsty
  8. Not Quite White Light
  9. Be Good