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Two Sides of Laraaji

All Saints Records


Released: 28th Oct 2013


Double disc set containing the two albums Laraaji recorded for the All Saints label in the 90s.

‘Flow Goes The Universe’ (1992) is a classic set of beautiful ambient instrumentals, whilst ‘The Way Out Is The Way In’ (1995), is a collaboration with Japanese dub reggae band Audio Active, featuring Laraaji taking the microphone to impart consciousness-expanding wisdom over heavy sound system beats. Profiling two vastly different highlights of his catalogue, this is the perfect accompaniment to the the career spanning compilation 'celestial music 1978-2011'.

Two Sides of Laraaji


  1. Being Here
  2. Immersion
  3. A Cave In England
  4. Zither Dance
  5. In Continuum
  6. Deep Celestial
  7. Space Choir
  8. Mbira Dance
  9. New Laughter Mode (The Way In)
  10. Music & Cosmic (Feel Yourself)
  11. Think Cosmically
  12. How Time Flies (When You’re Having None)
  13. Laraajingle
  14. Space Visitors For Tea
  15. Hither and Zither
  16. Blooper’s Dance Floor
  17. New Laughter Mode (The Way Out)