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Cabaret Voltaire

the covenant, the sword, and the arm of the lord


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Released: 11th Nov 2013


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originally released in 1985 the stripped-down power of 'micro-phonies' gets disguised here by elements from synth-pop & even hip-hop.

‘i want you,’ with an amusing vocal hook provided from a favorite cabs vocal source, a tv/radio preacher, has enough breathy energy & attractiveness to stand out strongly. many other tracks betray the titular fascination with america, god & guns the cabs exorcise here, such as the introductory samples to ‘hells home’ & ‘the arm of the lord’ itself. mallinder gets in some sharp, rumbling bass work, & his understated but clear vocal approach still serves him well, while kirk packs in fine electronic touches throughout.

the covenant, the sword, and the arm of the lord

  1. L21ST
  2. I Want You
  3. Hells Home
  4. Kickback
  5. The Arm Of The Lord
  6. Warm
  7. Golden Halos
  8. Motion Rotation
  9. Whip Blow
  10. The Web