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the doomed bird of providence

blind mouths eat

front and follow


Released: 11th Nov 2013


an exploration into the darkest regions of australian colonial history, the violent, death ridden landscape is supported by an eclectic & doomily experimental approach to songwriting.

thematically the album is broken into 3 parts with an overarching theme of helplessness in the face of terror & impending death. the first 5 songs loosely explore the sealers of kangaroo island, who abducted & brutalised indigenous women & their children, the dark folk-leaning music reflecting the sparse, windblown & punishing island landscape. the next 3 songs are based on a locally published diary of a woman in the late 19th century, breaking into an uptempo & strangely dissonant jig for ‘through the streets of albany’. the last song is an instrumental that runs for almost 19 minutes based on one australia's worst ever natural disasters, the category 5 cyclone mahina of 1899.

blind mouths eat


  1. Hidden Within the Day
  2. Trail of Bones
  3. The Cave of the Doughboys
  4. Hand From Your Neck
  5. Diabolically Decorated
  6. To Those Who Are Most Hungry
  7. Ships They Come And Go
  8. Through the Streets of Albany
  9. Snatched and Devoured
  10. Mahina