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World Boogie Is Coming

Songs of the South Records

cd + download

Released: 9th Dec 2013


2lp + 7" & download

Released: 27th Jan 2014


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the 7th album from the Americana music luminaries perfectly ties their sound together, fusing the elements that have made them special while pushing the band’s sound further into the future than ever before.

North Mississippi Allstars formed in 1996; the product of a special time for modern Mississippi country blues. Brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson soaked up the music of their father, Memphis legend Jim Dickinson, and absorbed the North Mississippi legacy while playing and shaking it down in the juke joints with their blues ancestors. R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Otha Turner and their musical families were at their peak, making classic records and touring the world. Eventually, Luther (guitar, vocals) and Cody (drums, vocals) formed the North Mississippi Allstars.

World Boogie Is Coming


  1. Cuttin' Shorty
  2. Rollin 'n Tumblin
  3. Boogie
  4. Get The Snakes Out The Woods
  5. Snake Drive
  6. That Dog After That Rabbit
  7. Meet Me in the City
  8. Turn Up Satan
  9. Shimmy
  10. My Babe
  11. Granny, Does Your Dog Bite
  12. World Boogie
  13. Goin' to Brownsville
  14. JR
  15. I'm Leaving
  16. Jumper On The Line