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Roger Eno

Little Things Left Behind 1988 - 1998

All Saints Records


Released: 11th Nov 2013


this collection compiles some of his most striking work from a number of out-of-print albums, plus satie-esque piano sketches & chamber ensemble pieces that recall the soundtrack work of michael nyman, yann tiersen & tindersticks.

lesser known than his famous older brother brian, roger eno has carved his own niche in ambient music, breaking away from his original processed piano work to incorporate chamber music, string arrangements, & his own vocals, while exploring traditional british music. he started his recording career by collaborating with brian on 1983’s ‘apollo’, & has contributed music to films such as ‘dune’, ‘9 1/2 weeks’ & ‘trainspotting’.

Little Things Left Behind 1988 - 1998



  1. Between Tides
  2. Field Of Gold
  3. One Gull
  4. The Silent Hours
  5. When The City Sleeps
  6. The Frost
  7. Winter Music
  8. The Wonderful Year
  9. Mister Bosco
  10. The Familiar
  11. Days Of Decay
  12. Heartland
  13. Lament
  14. The Last Resort
  15. Slow And Slender
  16. Newton’s Statue
  17. The Whispering Gallery
  18. The Hunch
  19. Emberdays
  20. Rain Stopped Play


  1. Evening Paragraphs
  2. Docet Umbra
  3. The Whole Wide World
  4. The Slow River
  5. In Water
  6. Amukidi
  7. Little Things Left Behind
  8. Aryis
  9. How You Shone The Parting Glass
  10. Somewhere Above
  11. Palimpsest
  12. Walsingham
  13. Turning
  14. Mr. Johnson Watches The Sky
  15. The Third Light
  16. Elevation
  17. The Black Cat
  18. The Flatlands
  19. Days Like This