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linval thompson

jah jah is the conqueror

kingston sounds


Released: 10th Mar 2017



Released: 10th Mar 2017


this collects the best of one of the finest roots vocalists that ruled the dance floors of jamaica in the mid '70s.

with his distinctive vocal style & roots lyrics, he spoke of the struggles that faced the rastas & this struck a chord with the people of jamaica. this in turn would set a tone that he carried on through his music career & future production work. even though he achieved a lot of success as a producer it is his singing career that is focused on here, on this string of his classic hits.


jah jah is the conqueror


  1. 12 Tribes of Israel
  2. Don’t cut off your Dreadlocks
  3. Jah Jah is the Conquerer
  4. Cool down your Temper A Big Big Girl
  5. Don’t Trouble Trouble
  6. Wicked then a say
  7. Ride on Dreadlocks
  8. Whip them JahEverybody needs Money
  9. Long Long Dreadlocks
  10. Just like any other Man
  11. Wicked Babylon Scoumaka King Tubby’s
  12. Don’t Cheat I*cd bonus tracks*
  13. Tired of Suffering* *cd bonus track*