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love letters


lp + cd

Released: 10th Mar 2014


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following up the mighty 'english riviera' was always going to be a mammoth task but amazingly, joseph mount & co have made it sound insanely easy as their adventurous, rich, warm, shimmering modern pop is pushed into fabulous new shapes.

Instead of constructing his music on computers, mount recorded onto tape at the esteemed toe rag studios which forced him to think about his music more purely, construct it with more finesse & enjoy exploring its possibilities. he had the time of his life & this clearly shoes in the resulting record. Metronomy's new songs are bold & ambitious, but the sweet spirit they've always been known for still lingers within them. Melancholy still lurks in those hooks; loneliness still gleams along their edges. these experiments in sound are extraordinary - allow yourself to be carried along on the waves of classic electronic pop & feel the magic happen.

love letters


  1. The Upsetter
  2. I'm Aquarius
  3. Monstrous
  4. Love Letters
  5. Month Of Sundays
  6. Boy Racers
  7. Call Me
  8. The Most Immaculate Haircut
  9. Reservoir
  10. Never Wanted