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kemper norton


exotic pylon


Released: 16th Dec 2013


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Carn is the startling new album from Kemper Norton and something we hold to be a unique vision.

Born of personal experience and “based around two uncanny experiences I had at two different locations - one in Cornwall, one in Sussex…” Carn’s self-defined slurtonic world encompasses drone, glitch, drift, folk song and divine melody. These 12 hypnotic investigations occupy a unique emotional landscape where the uncanny melts into a wide-eyed surrender of moment and memory and even those darker shadows are bathed in a sidereal halo of warm light. A mixture of traditional and synthetic utilising laptop, harmonium, voice, Casio and found sound Carn is the sound of the children of Coil reaching maturity.



  1. 22.8.99
  2. velan dreath 1
  3. colour the ocean pink
  4. my ath kar
  5. Dorcus
  6. velan dreath 2
  7. windwept
  8. nucker hole 1
  9. even times around
  10. Tenantry Down Wassail
  11. Farisee
  12. uncounted