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cd & dvd

Released: 19th Dec 2014


2lp & dvd & download

Released: 1st Sep 2014


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surprise release from the undisputed queen of r&b balances her effortless pop with darker, modern productions & stark musings on feminism, sexuality, celebrity & motherhood.

featuring collaborations with husband jay-z & daughter blue ivy, this album is a true multimedia experience that comes with a 17 track dvd of stunning, provocative promo videos. the album is the most diverse of her career, spanning catchy, trapped up hip-hop (‘drunk in love’), prince-esque electro funk (‘blow’) & smooth frank ocean ballads (‘superflower’), as her vocals take in soulful soaring, fiery raps & simply unbeatable, hard-earned diva spirit. “firmly in that weeknd & frank ocean world of dark, post-dubstep tinted future r&b” 8/10 – nme “in an autumn in which beyoncé's closest competitors – gaga, katy perry & miley cyrus – made underperforming bids for the throne, is how thoroughly assured, immersive & substantial this album is” 4/5 – guardian.