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super fly



Released: 10th Feb 2014


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this deluxe reissue presents the original soundtrack album together with demos, alternate versions, a track which did not appear on the original album, two anti-drugs radio spots recorded by mayfield & curtom labelmates the notations’ lesser-heard version of ‘eddie you should know better’.

the soundtrack to the ‘blaxploitation’ movie superfly stayed in the u.s. album charts for almost a year, topping it for four weeks in 1972 & earning curtis a gold disc. the solo albums he recorded between 1970 up until the time of his tragic accident in 1990 & which were released on his own label, curtom records, remain as testament to his genius. his influence on american black music & culture has been immense & his thought-provoking lyrics & musical style are unique in their field.

super fly


  1. Little Child Runnin’ Wild
  2. Pusherman
  3. Freddie’s Dead
  4. Junkie Chase [instrumental]
  5. Give Me Your Love (Love Song)
  6. Eddie You Should Know Better
  7. No Thing On Me (Cocaine On Me)
  8. Think [instrumental]
  9. Superfly
  10. Ghetto Child [demo 1971]
  11. Militant March [from the film score]
  12. Radio Spot #1
  13. Pusherman [alternate mix]
  14. Freddie’s Dead [instrumental version]
  15. Junkie Chase [instrumental full-length version]
  16. Eddie You Should Know Better [instrumental version]
  17. Eddie You Should Know Better
  18. The Natural Four
  19. Superfly [single edit]
  20. No Thing On Me (Cocaine On Me) [instrumental version]
  21. Freddie’s Dead [single edit]
  22. The Underground [demo 1970]
  23. Check Out Your Mind [instrumental studio jam]
  24. Radio Spot #2