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the field

cupid's head remixe 1


very, very limited 12"

Released: 27th Jan 2014


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1st in a limited 12" remix series gauging the reach of the field's unique brand of looped bliss featuring a diverse, yet tremendously becoming selection of fellow artists from all corners of the electronic universe.

'cupid's head remixe i' opens with a surprisingly docile revamp of the album's title track by dominick fernow aka vatican shadow. the second rework comes from ostgut ton's freeform punters barker & baumecker & hits the ground running with an ultra-kinetic breakbeat pattern that perpetually raises the tension. the closing track of the record is engineered by sonns, the solo project of split secs' alexandre mouracade - it's the floor-ready secret weapon in the package & a deliberately thumping take on the field's meandering loopscapes. as such, it rightfully occupies the entirety of the flipside & tops off an impressive collection of absorbing remixes for 'cupid's head'.

cupid's head remixe 1


  1. vatican shadow mix
  2. barker & baumecker mix
  3. sonns mix