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Visions Of Dennis Brown



Released: 12th Feb 2014


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Roots reggae classic & 1977 reggae album of the year, a highlight of Dennis Brown's prolific partnership with producer Joe Gibbs.

Brown's subject matter spans the spectrum of Rasta concerns, detailing economic suffering, African oppression, deep religious conviction, & a strong political consciousness. the effortless flexibility of the musicians is well suited to Brown's polished delivery. They soak songs like "Oh Mother" and "Malcolm X" in the sadness of the blues & provide the lighter material with the appropriate lift. Visions finds Brown in his prime, & on the verge of the international success he deserved.

Visions Of Dennis Brown


  1. Deliverance Will Come
  2. Oh Mother
  3. Love Me Always
  4. Concrete Castle King
  5. Malcolm X
  6. Repatriation
  7. Jah Can Do It
  8. Milk And Honey
  9. Stay At Home
  10. Say What You Say