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sky ferreira

night time, my time



Released: 17th Mar 2014


Ferreira manages to balance her teen pop past with her current interest in indie rock in surprising, creative & always catchy ways on her debut album.

its most outrageous touches confirm her status as pop music's dark horse - the equally alluring & disturbing nude album cover shot by controversial film director Gaspard Noe, the Suicide-goes-Top 40 track ‘Omanko,’ named after the Japanese slang for a woman's genitals - would make Miley Cyrus blush, but the most shocking thing about the album is how consistently good it is. the new wave-tinged ‘Love in Stereo,’ ‘I Will’ & ‘You're Not the One’ mix hard-hitting beats & big guitars in ways that sound perfectly natural, while the sombre title track sounds closer to Cat Power than Kelly Clarkson. "a hand-wringing collection of quarter-life crisis pop nuggets" 4/5 - mojo, "stunning maturation" 8/10 - uncut.

night time, my time


  1. Boys
  2. Ain’t Your Right
  3. 24 Hours
  4. Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)
  5. I Blame Myself
  6. Omanko
  7. You’re Not the One
  8. Heavy Metal Heart
  9. Kristine
  10. I Will
  11. Love In Stereo
  12. Night Time, My Time
  13. Everything is Embarrassing
  14. Everything is Embarrassing (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix)