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Sun Araw


Drag City


Released: 17th Feb 2014



Released: 17th Feb 2014


sun araw sounds refreshed & enthused, vibrant & unexpected sounds leaping forth from his typically thick & heady brew.

with this being cameron stallones 7th full length (not counting numerous eps & cassette releases), you could be forgiven for thinking he would run out of ideas. this album conclusively disproves that, adding new age revivalist textures as well as a kind of playful tonal minimalism through unusual samples & sounds. his best in quite a while! "cameron stallones deserves credit for incorporating the revived interest in new age textures into sun araw's stoner stew of samples & disjointed drum circle grooves, while neither taking the movement too seriously nor mocking it's excesses." - the wire



  1. Scrim
  2. Curtis
  3. Huff
  4. Belomancie
  5. One After One
  6. Solo Wallet Shuffle
  7. Remedial Ventilation
  8. Flote
  9. Seven Lampstands