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perfect pussy

say yes to love



Released: 12th Mar 2014


lp + download

Released: 12th Mar 2014


veiled beneath layers of exquisitely abrasive noise, frontwoman meredith graves’ lyrics are disarming, brutally honest & poetic, possessing a feverish intensity.

hailing from syracuse, new york, the band is comprised of members from the local punk & hardcore community. with ‘say yes to love’ perfect pussy have begun to hone their sound, a wall of guitar, bass, drums & synth, while retaining the rough around the edges noise of raw, unfettered energy. opener ‘driver’ drags you  into the chaotic world of this brief but powerful album. the songs kick & punch but it is the dense, honest lyrics - filled with conflict & confidence & despair & desire -  that stay with you long after the album has ended.

say yes to love


  1. Driver
  2. Bells
  3. Big Stars
  4. Work
  5. Interference Fits
  6. Dig
  7. Advance Upon the Real
  8. VII