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Released: 24th Mar 2014



Released: 12th Mar 2014


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wen’s bass-heavy sound built on a pulsing rhythmic backbone strips instrumental grime to its core elements & intertwines it with atmospheric urban tetures.

‘galactic’, resurrected from a corrupted fruity loops file on a lost hard drive, is ethereal blade runner grime. ‘lunar’, which features keysound label boss blackdown, is a detroit-style night drive through babylon. like a breaking storm, the album builds in power & intensity. at almost exactly the mid-point – during the bouncy but otherwise warm 4x4 garage relic of ‘swingin’’ – the calm is punctured by vocals. often sampled from dense london slang & live pirate radio, these are wen’s heavy signals; weighed down with coded nuance. by the time you hear wiley actually spitting wen’s name over one of his beats, this language-dense album is close to reaching both its climax & its logical conclusion: a full vocal with grime legend riko.



  1. Intro (Family) (cd only)
  2. Galactic
  3. Lunar ft Blackdown
  4. You Know (cd only)
  5. Persian
  6. Swingin’ (LDN mix)
  7. Vampin’ (cd only)
  8. Time ft Parris
  9. In
  10. Signal
  11. Nightcrawler (devils mix)
  12. Play Your Corner ft Riko