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cut hands

Volume 3


180g lp

Released: 12th Mar 2014


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a reclamation of the conscious through 16 pieces across 2 volumes, from the opening ceremonial burning rush of the brand new 'Vaudou Take Me High' to the final entrancing morbid spell of 'Nine-Night'.

  a further hot ecstatic descent into an aggressive, brooding & immaculate, polyrhythmic abandon. the volumes feature reworked or remastered versions of 'Madwoman', 'Immersion', 'Eat Them Like Bread', 'Inchantment', & 'Black Mamba' are included along with all the vinyl-unreleased tracks from 2011’s 'Black Mamba'.

Volume 3


  1. Vaudou Take Me High
  2. Krokodilo Theme
  3. Immersion
  4. Erzulie D’en Tort
  5. Witness The Spread Of The Dream
  6. No Spare No Soul
  7. Kongo
  8. Madwoman