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my sad captains

Best Of Times

bella union


Released: 17th Mar 2014


lp + cd + artwork book

Released: 17th Mar 2014

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the London-based quartet's 3rd album further defines their exquisitely tailored, subtly expressive & melodically radiant songcraft - These 9 songs have an almost underplayed guitar pop sensibility reminiscent of many classic indie bands of the 80s.

however, they are far from any kind of throwback, with suitably restrained & delicate shades of keyboards & a beautiful clarity of sound that’s distinctly 21st century. if new order hung out with the xx & listened to yo la tengo, they might have produced a record that sounded something like this. sometimes less can be so much more. "It has the same tension between the sweetly disciplined & the errantly sour that YLT have perfected" - 8/10 - dis.

***Initial copies of the vinyl format will include a book housing nine artworks by commissioned artists***

Best Of Times


  1. Goodbye
  2. Wide Open
  3. In Time
  4. All Times Into One
  5. Extra Curricular
  6. All in Your Mind
  7. Hardly There
  8. Keeping On, Keeping On
  9. Familiar Ghosts