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2lp + cd

Released: 24th Mar 2014



Released: 24th Mar 2014


an angry, ecstatic, primal burst of ritualistic electronics that sacrifices self persecution for potent, purposeful abandon & like every formidable liars release before it, 'mess' gets better & better the more you stick with it & the louder you crank it up.

the Liars’ sound has always been unpigeonholeable yet entirely recognisable - brittle yet taut punk funk; no wave; ecstatic noise-pop; 21st Century garage rock; post-millennial post-rock; delicate electronics - they all make up the inimitable soundworld where Angus Andrew, Aaron Hemphill & Julian Gross now find themselves. highly recommended for fans of these new puritans, atoms for peace or crystal castles. “One of the greatest avant-pop groups of our age” - The Quietus, "finds these men staring terror in the face – & deciding to dance" 8/10 - clash.



  1. Mask Maker
  2. Vox Tuned D.E.D.
  3. I’m No Gold
  4. Pro Anti Anti
  5. Can’t Hear Well
  6. Mess On A Mission
  7. Darkslide
  8. Boyzone
  9. Dress Walker
  10. Perpetual Village
  11. Left Speaker Blown