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the antlers




Released: 16th Jun 2014


purple 2lp + cd

Released: 7th Jul 2014


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the brooklyn trio return with an added horn section & a concept album intended as a "rescue mission" from the ways the past can can prevent us from moving forward.

Singer Peter Silberman has never shied away from big topics and dark themes but the melodies and strong soft-indie songs are still beautifully light and moving in a way that fans of bon iver, arc iris or sigur ros might enjoy. "Lighter of touch than it sounds, 'Familiars' relies on the interplay between Silberman's silvery stripped-wire voice and reflective brass to convey a sense of dialogue... a record that demands you get to know it inside out. " 4/5 Q magazine



  1. Palace
  2. Doppelgänger
  3. Hotel
  4. Intruders
  5. Director
  6. Revisited
  7. Parade
  8. Surrender
  9. Refuge