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Northern Council


record store day 2014 - Frosted Clear Vinyl lp + Art Prints + Download

Released: 19th Apr 2014


Frosted Clear Vinyl + Five (5) Limited Edition 12” x 12” Collectors Art Prints + Download Card.

College is David Grellier - best known for his track 'a real hero' that featured and played an integral part in the hit motion picture film 'DRIVE' College, in Grellier's words, was an attempt "to synthesize into my music the emotions of my childhood" and was greatly influenced by American 1980s pop-culture, "80's soaps and an aesthetic which I particularly like: color, images, silvery films and the sun – images of Los Angeles, Chicago and all of the other cities that continue to fascinate me. This album Northern Council has only been available digitally before and is a first and only pressing on vinyl for Record Store day 2014. The album has been described as synth heavy and sits somewhere between early Daft Punk - John Carpenter film soundtracks and the soundtrack to DRIVE. Previous albums Secret Diary / Heritage have been championed by heavyweight press such as the New York Times / The Guardian / Mixmag / Pitchfork / Spin Magazine / Rolling Stone. Track listing: SIDE A: 1. ‘Incident’ 2. ‘The Zemlya Expedition’ 3. ‘Express For Acelia’ 4. ‘Northern Council’ 5. ‘Answers’ 6. ‘TWA Flight 450' SIDE B: 6. ‘White Mosaic’ 7. ‘Weisberg Control’ 8. ‘Tscheljabinsk’ 9. ‘Simon’s Past’ 10. ‘Divided Loyalty’ 11. ‘Out Of Sync’

Northern Council