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Sontag Shogun


Luau Records


Released: 5th May 2014


an analogue & digital electronics + piano project whose immense debut album compiles 3 years worth of composing & directed textural improvising, moulded into nine concise musical statements.

based in Brooklyn, New York, They have been experimenting with songform, Primarily making use of a grand piano, field recordings, tapeloops & digitally treated vocals. the trio has discovered a unique niche that straddles identifiable genre boundaries. Repetitions of phrases, digitally glitched-out melodies, superimposing practice takes with studio takes. Call this album modern classical, ambient, new age, Sontag prefers their own nomenclature: lullanoise.



  1. Tale
  2. Hungarian Wheat
  3. Let The Flies In
  4. Jubokko
  5. ...and Here, At The Middle, We Listen To The Man Who Tunes Pianos
  6. Orbit Insertion
  7. Beyond Wynd Gey
  8. The Musk Ox
  9. Tail