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Released: 2nd Jun 2014


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Released: 2nd Jun 2014


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The London-based 4-piece mix a sunny west-coast vibe of poptimism with a quintessential east coast dark-rock nihilism - This stunning debut album is a collection of beautifully crafted indie pop tunes, equally intelligent & naïve.

Matching wistful psychedelia against Neu! rhythms & primitive electronics, the debut from the 4-piece formed of ex members of pete & the pirates, has been produced by bernard butler. While ‘Cristina’ is dreamy enough to wake up to, ’23 floors up’ could be the soundtrack of an inevitable break up. Matching whimsical psychedelia with bare electronics & witty texts, Teleman are like the Beach Boys if they were from Hackney, not Hawthorne. for fans of alt-j, pete & the pirates & the wave pictures. "propelled by a groove & furnished with unusual arrangements" 7/10 - uncut.



  1. Cristina
  2. In Your Fur
  3. Steam Train Girl
  4. 23 Floors Up
  5. Monday Morning
  6. Skeleton Dance
  7. Mainline
  8. Lady Low
  9. Redhead Saturday
  10. Travel Song

bonus disc tracklist: (out of stock)

  1. Wolf Girl
  2. Navy Blue
  3. Not in Control (live session)
  4. Steam Train Girl (live session)
  5. Steam Train Girl (Pinkunoizu Remix)