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the wytches

annabel dream reader



Released: 25th Aug 2014


to say that we've been excited about this record is a massive understatement & the best thing about it now that it's finally upon us? it's every bit as thrilling as we hoped it would be.

doomy & immersive, raw & fuzzy, the brighton band deliver insanely catchy pop tunes that rise from deep pools of reverb laden filth & they'll have you air drumming & moshing with sheer exhiliration. surf twang, blasts of feedback, deep, clanking bass, 80s garage revival, psychedelia, psychobilly & grunge all filtered through their youthful energy & recorded at Liam Watson’s 8-track analogue Toe Rag Studios. this record is set to blow minds far & wide! "scuzzed-up, scream-filled face-melting rock...far more accomplished than a debut should be" 4/5 - diy..."feral garage gothic with a nifty rock'n'roll twang in the tail...intoxicating" 4/5 - mojo.

annabel dream reader


  1. Digsaw
  2. Wide at Midnight
  3. Gravedweller
  4. Fragile Male
  5. Burn Out The Bruise
  6. Wire Frame Mattress
  7. Beehive Queen
  8. Weights and Ties
  9. Part Time Model
  10. Summer Again
  11. Robe For Juda
  12. Crying Clown
  13. Track 13