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STUDIO ONE DANCEHALL - Sir Coxsone In The Dance: The Foundation Sound

Soul Jazz


Released: 30th Jun 2014


3lp + download

Released: 7th Jul 2014


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A collection spanning Studio One’s dancehall period - When Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd first ruled the dancehalls of 1950s Kingston, few could imagine how far the reign of Studio One would last.

However, the emergence of dancehall as a distinct style of reggae at the end of the 1970s in many ways made Clement Dodd’s vision more powerful than ever before. He soon began voicing the new stable of Studio One singers & DJs, such as Sugar Minott & Lone Ranger, over original classic Studio One rhythms recorded in the late 1960s - producing some of the most innovative, time-bending & creative music of his career. "Dodd nurtured the career of nearly every internationally renowned reggae artist." - The Guardian

STUDIO ONE DANCEHALL - Sir Coxsone In The Dance: The Foundation Sound


  1. Ernest Wilson - Why Oh Why
  2. Johnny Osbourne - Lend Me The Sixteen
  3. Windel Haye - Haunted House
  4. Green Tea & Chassy - Ghetto Girl
  5. Johnny Osbourne - Time A Run Out
  6. Lone Ranger - Noah In The Ark
  7. Devon Russell - Thanks And Praise
  8. Brentford Disco Set - Rebel Disco
  9. Doreen Schaffer - I Don’t Know Why
  10. Slim Smith - Lonely Lover
  11. Field Marshall Haye - Roots And Herb Style
  12. DJ Dawn & The Ranking Queens - Peace Truce Thing
  13. Jim Brown - Cure For The Fever
  14. Sugar Minott - Peace Treaty Style
  15. Lloyd Robinson - It Deep Barry Brown - Far East
  16. Windel Haye & Captain Morgan - Flood Victim