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Model Of You



Released: 7th Jul 2014


limited red 2lp + download

Released: 7th Jul 2014


North London producers Tom Clarke & Sam Ricketts fuse Burial-inspired dubstep & spaced-out folk to brilliant effect on their second album.

Part of the legendary R&S imprint's resurgence (Apollo is one of its long-standing subsidiaries) Clarke & Ricketts follow their own muse while staying true to the label's ethos of forward-thinking electronic music. Richer, heavier & more adventurous than their previous work, this is an emotionally-charged record which finds its creators untethering themselves from the past & sailing into deeper waters. The man charged with helping the outfit navigate this new course is Andy Savours, the English producer who has worked with My Bloody Valentine, Sigur Ros & The Horrors. The result is a dramatic body of work destined for further greatness. "a post-post-dubstep sound that weaves folk, metal and electronic influences into something that sounds both reminiscent of its precursors and yet entirely unlike them." - Dummy Mag

Model Of You


  1. Prelude
  2. Hideaway
  3. Carmine
  4. Portraits Of Eyes
  5. Bricks Are For
  6. The Glow
  7. Golden Lights
  8. Aurelia
  9. Thoughts In Mine
  10. Told You
  11. All Of My Years
  12. Hallow