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ocean death ep



Released: 11th Aug 2014


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limited multi-coloured lp + download

Released: 15th Sep 2014


a companion piece to Will Wiesenfeld's 2013 'obsidian' lp, The 3am introspection & heart beat pulse of this 5 track outing are almost reminiscent of Four Tet or Pantha Du Prince.

Both records traverse similar terrain: morbid lyricism, direct vocal melodies, a felicity in subsuming electronic experiments into pop songs. The pulse is almost minimal techno, but it’s suffused with maximalist emotion. Just five songs & a shade over 20 minutes, the idea was to avoid over-thinking. Songs were perfected not embellished. The subject matter remains dark-tinted pop. 'Ocean Death' reclines in the aquatic seabed. The lyrics are simple & bleak, but the effect is celestial. "Wiesenfeld has delivered on the promise & found his place among contemporaneous pop experimenters like Grimes & Autre Ne Veut" - FACT.

ocean death ep


  1. Ocean Death
  2. Fade White
  3. Voyeur
  4. Orator
  5. Yawn