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Lateness of Dancers

Merge Records


Released: 15th Sep 2014


LP + download

Released: 15th Sep 2014


an open, immediately melodic & enjoyable album from North Carolina-based songwriter MC Taylor that is more homely & unaffected than the likes of Bill Callahan or Will Oldham.

'Lateness of Dancers' was recorded in a tin-roofed barn outside of Hillsborough, North Carolina, last fall & includes many of Taylor’s longtime collaborators, like Phil & Brad Cook of Megafaun, the guitarist William Tyler, & his erstwhile recording partner Scott Hirsch. "variously heartrending & uplifting, 'lateness of dancers' is enriching stuff" - q, 4 stars. "his voice is a gorgeous, low-slung burr, his melodies are fireside-warm" - mojo, 4 stars

Lateness of Dancers


  1. Lucia
  2. Saturday’s Song
  3. Mahogany Dread
  4. Day O Day (A Love So Free)
  5. Lateness Of Dancers
  6. I’m A Raven (Shake Children)
  7. Black Dog Wind (Rose of Roses)
  8. Southern Grammar
  9. Chapter & Verse (Ione’s Song)
  10. Drum