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…and star power



Released: 13th Oct 2014



Released: 13th Oct 2014


bonkers & trippy, this CINEMATIC AUDITORY ADVENTURE messes with time, structure, rhythm, melody & expectations - it disregards them all, throws every decade into 1 big musical melting pot & launches one of the most mind frazzling records imaginable.

the ahead-of-its-time psychedelia of the beatles, the sonic adventurism of the velvet underground's avant-rock, suicide's protopunk, the beyond-the-star-reaching bombast of the flaming lips & the lo-fi weirdness of ariel pink or connan mockasin, this is a soundworld for the speedy freaks, skull krunchers, abductees & misfits to inhabit. it's less like an album & more like a jam session, hence its sprawling 2 disc length & features the flaming lips, of montreal, white fence & bleached. nothing will prepare you for this opus - just go with it! "acid-packed confection" 4/5 - mojo.

…and star power


  1. Star Power Airlines
  2. How Can You Really
  3. Coulda Been My Love
  4. Cosmic Vibrations
  5. You & I
  6. Star Power I: Overture
  7. Star Power II: Star Power Nite
  8. Star Power III: What Are We Good For
  9. Star Power IV: Ooh Ooh
  10. I Don't Have Anything/The Gate
  11. Mattress Warehouse
  12. 666
  13. Flowers
  14. Wally's Farm
  15. Cannibal Holocaust
  16. Hot Summer
  17. Cold Winter/Freedom
  18. Can't Contextualize My Mind
  19. Brooklyn Police Station
  20. The Game
  21. Freedom II
  22. Talk
  23. Everyone Needs Love
  24. Hang