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half man half biscuit

The Voltarol Years

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If you like your rabble sturdily roused then look no further.
half man half biscuit

No-One Cares About Your Creative Hub So Get Your Fuckin' Hedge Cut

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Their 14th studio album, originally released in 2018.
half man half biscuit

90 BISODOL (Crimond)

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Their 12th studio album, originally released in 2011.
urge for offal
  1. Westward Ho! Massive Letdown
  2. This One's For Now
  3. Baguette Dilemma For The Booker Prize Guy
  4. My Outstretched Arms
  5. The Bain Of Constance
  6. Theme Tune For Something Or Other
  7. False Grit
  8. Old Age Killed My Teenage Bride
  9. Urge For Offal
  10. Stuck Up A Hornbeam
  11. Adam Boyle Has Cast Lad Rock Aside
  12. The Unfortunate Gwatkin
  13. Mileage Chart

half man half biscuit

urge for offal

probe plus
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    Released: 20th Oct 2014

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    Released: 5th Nov 2014

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a Brand new studio album from the legendary Merseyside band Famed for making ill-tempered music with a social conscience.

the Birkenhead band formed in the early 80s, "merely as a way of getting through the day". Quickly picked up by the angst-ridden youth of the 80s, their punk driven, lyrical rants & protests against all things celebrity & fake, became the unofficial anthems of the underground. “A band as savage as they were whimsical, Half Man Half Biscuit provided an unexpected desser for those British post-punk teenagers  who lamented the demise of bands with bite.
Nigel Blackwell’s inimitable songwriting on the minutae of life, football and TV celebs quicly garnered cult status” – Patrick Thorne