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dean blunt

black metal

Rough Trade


Released: 3rd Nov 2014


2LP + download

Released: 3rd Nov 2014


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these majestic songs encompass everything from hypnotic long-form experiments to ballads almost disarming in their sweet simplicity, swirling equally with fascinating sounds & fascinating ideas.

blunt’s newest odyssey is another expansive & intriguing avant-pop exploration, riding the thematic tension between detachment & intimacy. his influences are wide-ranging, from rock’s underground pioneers (he quotes sonic youth in interviews; the album leads with a big star sample), to neoclassical composers, to early indie pop (another track samples the pastels), to classic rock, hip-hop, & r&b. but rather than coldly compiling them, blunt brings the works & genres he draws from into a new musical & cultural conversation. like connan mockasin's 'caramel', the compelling aspect of blunt's music is its subversion of pop music into something strange & alien, but dean's result is more introspective, morbid & devastating.

black metal


  1. LUSH
  2. 50 CENT
  3. BLOW
  4. 100
  5. HEAVY
  8. X
  9. PUNK
  11. HUSH
  12. MERSH
  13. GRADE