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Ben Howard

I Forget Where We Were

Universal / Island


Released: 20th Oct 2014


heavyweight 2lp + download

Released: 20th Oct 2014


“Almost too serious” said Howard of his 2nd album & sure enough there he is on the monochrome cover, brows furrowed and half-wreathed in darkness. Yet whilst this is a more shadowed affair than his BRIT-seizing debut there’s little here to alienate his fanbase: these ten tracks might sprawl in length but they’ve a familiar mesh of earnest words and slow, slow build, autumnal in hue but with a fireside warmth. there’s an appealing economy to the songwriting & a restraint that makes the breaks - particularly ‘The End Of The Affair’s bruising cataclysm - all the more biting. "very much a guitar record that relishes in its depth & scattered rhythms. Howard has given us a record that can be ghostly & sparse, but also more ferocious & biting in sections than anything he’s done previously" 7/10 - drowned in sound.



I Forget Where We Were


  1. Small Things
  2. Rivers in Your Mouth
  3. I Forget Where We Were
  4. In Dreams
  5. She Treats Me Well
  6. Time Is Dancing
  7. Evergreen
  8. End of the Affair
  9. Conrad
  10. All Is Now Harmed