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Bill Callahan

I Drive a Valence

Drag City


Released: 3rd Nov 2014


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The Collected Lyrics Of Bill Callahan With 116 Illustrations - Until we have a feature film in which Bill Callahan’s words are spoken by the true & deep characters who exist within the songs, the best format will be this lyric book.

wait, no, the best format will always be the albums featuring the songs, since they are sung by Bill Callahan, the author & singer, in his own inimitable & completely individual fashion. ‘I Drive A Valence’, however, which spans two decades of Smog / Bill Callahan songs, is a fairly unforgettable look-see; in fact, it’s a definitive-yet-concise trip through the mirror, collecting the lyrics to 70 songs & pairing them with 116 dreamy ink-wash images by the man himself. The nuances & ambiguities within plain-spoke expression are at the exquisite centre of Callahan’s gift, & the plain fact of words on paper nails them down in a concrete fashion that signals eternity somehow more concretely than sounds in the air can conjure.

I Drive a Valence