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shaken-up versions


coloured 2lp & cd

Released: 8th Dec 2014


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a mini album of classic Knife tracks reworked especially for the band’s 2014 North American leg of their 'Shaking The Habitual' Tour which serves to reminds us of what a formidable, inspiring & rejuvenating force the avant-garde swedes can be.

this collection allows you to recreate the power of a live show from the knife (albeit without the dancers & costumes - unless of course you've gone to some real effort!) & although it cannot be as mesmerising as seeing the whole show before your eyes, this collection provides a fine snapshot of the live experience. "often challenging, at times a little frustrating, but at its core a thrilling body of work. Like most live albums, the material captured on 'Shaken-Up Versions' loses something when taken offstage....Fortunately, these remixes don’t need context...the reworks rarely smack of obviousness" 7.3/10 - pitchfork.

shaken-up versions


  1. Without You My Life Would Be Boring
  2. Got 2 Let U
  3. Stay Out Here (with Shannon Funchess)
  4. Bird
  5. Pass This On (with Shannon Funchess)
  6. We Share Our Mothers' Health
  7. Silent Shout
  8. Ready To Lose