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Released: 10th Nov 2014


The End.

.. is the fourth studio album by Nico, released in 1974. The album is her fifth collaboration with John Cale and second with him as producer. It carries the same harmonium-based sound heard on The Marble Index and Desertshore, with the addition of Brian Eno’s synthesizersand electronic instruments. The song “You Forget To Answer” tells of the misery felt by Nico when she failed to reach ex-lover Jim Morrison by phone only to find out later that he had died. All but two of the songs on the album were written by Nico: the cover ofThe Doors’ “The End” and a version of the German national anthem “Das Lied Der Deutschen”. Brian Eno performs synthesizer on “It Has Not Taken Long”, “You Forgot to Answer” and “Innocent and Vain”. Being 40 years since the album originally came out, we’re adding a whole LP to the package with bonus material from 74/75, previously unavailable on vinyl!



  1. It Has Not Taken Long
  2. Secret Side
  3. You Forget To Answer
  4. Innocent and Vain
  5. Valley of the Kings
  6. We’ve Got The Gold
  7. The End
  8. Das Lied Der Deutschen
  9. Secret Side - John Peel Session 20th February 1971
  10. We’ve Got The Gold - John Peel Session - 3rd December 1974
  11. Janitor of Lunacy - John Peel Session - 3rd December 1974
  12. You Forget To Answer - John Peel Session - 3rd December 1974
  13. The End - John Peel Session - 3rd December 1974
  14. Secret Side - Old Grey Whistle Test - 7th February 1975
  15. Valley of the Kings - Old Grey Whistle Test - 7th February 1975
  16. Das Lied Der Deutschen - June 1st 1974
  17. The End - June 1st 1974