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Range Anxiety

Merge Records


Released: 2nd Feb 2015


lp + download

Released: 2nd Feb 2015


the Melbourne band's 2nd full-length nods to The Go-Betweens & the band’s beloved Flying Nun influences are clear, but upon closer examination, Twerps expand into a sound uniquely their own.

'Range Anxiety' is a worthy showcase of the creativity & vitality Twerps bring to their music. "they're an Australian band that works exclusively in chime & charm, with guitars jangling in brisk rhythms beneath warm and fuzzy melodies. From the outset, they’ve named the Clean’s "Anything Could Happen" as their gold standard and the Go-Betweens as a formative influence, saving everyone the time it would otherwise take to come up with the proper comparisons...Hook-for-hook and chime-for-chime, it matches up with the most recent work of Real Estate and Mac DeMarco, 2014’s kings of college quad indie" 7.5/10 - pitchfork.

Range Anxiety


  1. House Keys
  2. I Don’t Mind
  3. Back to You
  4. Stranger
  5. New Moves
  6. White as Snow
  7. Shoulders
  8. Simple Feelings
  9. Adrenaline
  10. Fern Murderers
  11. Cheap Education
  12. Love at First Sight
  13. Empty Road.