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Songhoy Blues

music in exile



Released: 23rd Feb 2015


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Released: 23rd Feb 2015


deluxe edition CD with 3 cover versions

Released: 6th Nov 2015


four talented, hungry, sharp & outward-looking young men from mali, a part of the world that may seem strange, alien & ‘exotic’ to some but deep down, Songhoy Blues are a familiar proposition: four young men, guitar, drums, bass & vocals, driving rhythms, big hearts & a story to tell.

the band were invited to record a song with Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs & the track, 'Soubour', ended up as opening track on the Africa Express album, 'Maison des Jeunes'. this, their debut album, is a superb offering of desert blues; blending American guitar licks with Malian groove. "an impressively varied & rousing set...There’s electric desert blues (Nick), slinky, acoustic ballads (Petit Metier) & reworkings of songs from the Songhoy tradition. A band to watch" 4/5 - guardian, "a stand-tall" statement & a gladdening coming together of worlds" 4/5 - mojo. 

*** deluxe edition details (bonus tracks also available on vinyl as a separate 3 track 12", 're-covered' ***
features 3 new tracks: staggering re-interpretations of songs by some of the group’s key influences. A re-versioning of the Clash’s 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go', An extraordinary re-working of Led Zeppelin’s 'Kashmir', fully endorsed by Jimmy Page after initially gracing the cover of Mojo Magazine & a stunning version of Manu Dibango’s classic 'Soul Makossa', which might be the band’s greatest musical performance to date, all feature on this deluxe edition. 

derry recommends: songhoy blues take the now familiar sound of the ‘desert blues’ as a starting point & inject it with a youthful punch & energy that we never knew it was missing.



music in exile


  1. Soubour
  2. Irganda
  3. Al Hassidi Terei
  4. Sekou Oumarou
  5. Nick
  6. Ai Tchere Bele
  7. Wayei
  8. Petit Metier
  9. Jolie
  10. Desert Melodie
  11. Mali
  12. Kashmir (deluxe edition cd bonus track)
  13. Should I Stay or Should I go (deluxe edition cd bonus track)
  14. Soul Makossa (deluxe edition cd bonus track)

    INDIES ONLY 3 track BONUS DISC (demo versions of tracks from 'Music in Exile') :

    1. Sekou Oumarou
    2. Irganda
    3. Nick