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Released: 23rd Mar 2015


aside from a single, haunting, dark interlude, everything else on this outstanding record is a bouncy (yet indistrial-tinged) number that's ready to burst out of your stereo.

'Hinterland' conjures impressions of decayed Manchester outskirts & reclusive inner landscapes obsessively throughout the record, as julie Campbell continues her fascination with the post-industrial ruinscape. At its core beats an uncomplicated drum machine rhythm & synthetic percussion that recalls fractured memories of minimal wave, post-punk & even early techno & dance, dynamically spliced through with Campbell’s intricate, choppy & propulsive guitar playing. channelling prince, Funkadelic, esg, a certain ratio & Arthur Russell, these are songs that will please fans of st.vincent, prinzhorn dance school, austra, ladytron or polica. "vibrant, danceable creations" - guardian.

Natasha recommends: madonna, prince, esg & a certain ratio all filtered through a gritty, industrial northern landscape with some damn catchy beats. irresistible.

james canham recommends: taking heavy cues from new order and the factory records roster in general, lonelady keeps the manchester feel alive with the next generation of new wave pop

Garry recommends: sex-funk made from bones and wire-wool.

ian recommends: industrial starkness with shameless 80s pop grooves




  1. Into The Cave
  2. Bunkerpop
  3. Hinterland
  4. Groove It Out
  5. (I Can See) Landscapes
  6. Silvering
  7. Flee!
  8. Red Scrap
  9. Mortar Remembers You