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Planet Mu Records Ltd.


Released: 9th Mar 2015


µ-Ziq’s previously vinyl-only EPs 'Rediffusion' & 'XTEP' combined here with exclusive track ‘Forger’ & In stark contrast to a large percentage of his previous work, 'XTLP' is joyous all the way through.

The 12 compositions abandon the furrow-browed quest for cutting-edge exploration exchanging it for an altogether more carefree & fun approach, with only the footwork-influenced 'Monj2' & exclusive track ‘Forger’ directly referencing any current electronic influences.  if one thing unites the approaches here it's a new-found sense of emotion transformed into sound with the skill of a truly seasoned innovator & soldier.



  1. Xt
  2. Ritm
  3. Taxi Sadness
  4. Smeester
  5. Pulsar
  6. Monj2
  7. New Bimple
  8. Rimmy
  9. Prg
  10. Forger
  11. Tambor
  12. Blem